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Yo this movie is dope.

Director David O. Russell suspends us in a state of operatic delirium in this madcap tragidramedy with fuego performances by its cast of craftspeople. Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence are on fire for the duration of the film. Bale is scary great; it’s a good thing he finds work in Hollywood or he could terrorize society in any way he saw fit, I think. He becomes his characters in ways that may be scary even to him, or especially to him.

Jennifer Lawrence nears that territory alongside Christian the Great. This role, and her turn in A Winter’s Bone, demonstrate absurd levels of precociousity (pfd. over ‘precociousness’). She plays here as a precious mess, an irresistible  mishmash of trash and charm — a sleaze genius, sultry and sly.

Jerremy Renner occupies similar territory as an actor who becomes other people, though his role here is more subdued and restrained than either Lawrence’s or Bale’s.

The shit is fire, start to finish.


Dallas Buyers Club

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Sweaty, Steamy, Gutsy.

The twisted irony of fame, especially with respect to its affect on actors and acting, is the Chinese-finger-trap of fuckery it forces on those at the forefront of fakery, i.e. movie stars. For, having achieved stardom and become a Name, the most prominent actors and stars must shed their hard-won, ubiquitous, enterprise-laden identities in each successive role.

As famously noted in Thank You For Smoking, the past decade has seen Matt McConaughey bound from face to name to icon and star. All this hard work has left him with the greatest challenge still remaining, to transcend stardom and re-become the actor he always has been. He flexed his scary-good chops in 2012’s Mud, whose trailer alone left this critic straight-up shook. Gotta Netflix that joint. Missed it the 1st time ’round.

So now here here is, Matthew McConaughey, the man, the business, the movie star, showing up in character as Ronnie Woodroff, an early adopter of the HIV-AIDS plague down there in early-80s Dallas, Texas.

In a performance just short of transcendent, McConaughey reels on along the razor’s edge of self-destruction and virtuosity, starving,  literally, for the crux of the craft, the truth of the actor’s trade, the marrow within the meat of make-believe. He drives himself delirious in his delivery of Woodroff, and looks to be on the point of passing out at more than one point in the movie. Still, he is, in save but a few scenes, still stuck within the larger-than-life identity of Matthew-McConaughey-as-Ron-Woodruff, rather than Woodruff alone. But dammit if he doesn’t damn near kill himself going for the gold. His task, it must be remembered, is no small charge given the awesome proportions of McConaughey’s stellar rep.

So: not quite the stuff of Oscar gold, imo — but I still gotta check that Mud piece.

Jared Leto shows up in the high form that has become typical for him as Rayon, a pre-op transexual whose pathos is no trifle, hunny. He gets the role right and generally struts around like the scary bitch he became — for the movie, yo, not shit-talking no sir. Rayon’s confrontation with Daddy remains a memorable moment. The anger works better than the sadness in that scene, imo.

Aite 1.

12 Years A Slave

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This a must-see. There’s more trauma to be re-lived in this film than most anything. Fun times. Oscar for Chiwetel Ejiofor for this film, imo. At least a nomination, best supporting, for Michael Fassbender in this film. Cameo for the Mr., who presides in the filmic piece.

Aite — imma break editorial rules here and speak first-person. I had to use the baffroom for about an hour of this film. Even worked my way out the seat (Times SQ. Theatre on a busy f***ed NYC day tho too — yes capital, letters, yanowhatitalkof) — during a transition in the film — got to the aisle, new scene started and hot dammit if i din’t haft stop my tracks dere ana, well shux, keep on right on watchin dat dere film dere. y’hear? sh*t is that live people. matter fact, i’m still tryna work my way back into that theatre, and move in namsaying (nod to the Ghost) and Just LIVE THERE while the movie keep playing. steal a popcorn candy bar erry yesi’mcooning 1nce in a while tho too. Just to keep right on watchin the movie. Which is playing on several reels and heals for reals.

Aite- do whatchu haftu due.

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