Rabid Girl

by Kalen

Rabid girl, vodka courses through her veins

Dirt caked skin, doe eyes aflame

Glass, full of hate and shame

Atop a beauty breathless and stained … [click to continue]

Speaker For The Dead

Spark, Ride.  Teach, Tried.  Seek, Sighed.  Bread, Bride. Dread Pride.  Led Lied.  Red-Tied.  Sled Ride.  Egg! Hide.  Tread, Tried.  Bled, Cried.



bloodshot sunset                       new day dawning                      mid-afternoon

dinner by candlelight           st r  e  t ching, yawening           clock out soon

cumshot megawatt                  absent-minded pawing            new hit tune

lizard-eye gigabyte                     sun-bleached awning            always June

donut rotting                                  iced-out dreams                     cars whizzin

grown-ups, shopping               and    tanning machines       freeway prison

pills-a-popping                                   soy proteins                       blond ambition

toddlers bopping                          on all the movie screens          : television

shy girl giggles                             little boy smacked                    shampoo goo

boy’s hips wiggle                       don’t know how to act            the newest in new

he plays her fiddle                        ho on the track                        network zoo

till bones go brittle                  till Jack blow out her back      who’s screwin who

anorexics niblle                            bathroom stalls                       baseball scores

tears drop, dribble                           strip malls                         cleanse your pores

wise men quibble                      callbacks . . .                             high-class whores

famed fools fribble                                             pitfalls                 sun-scorched shores

pain’s universal                          -cutaways                                        H O V lanes

just watch a commercial                       and tape-delays                necktie stains

reversal of fortune                      swings both ways                       idle freight trains

get dressed for rehearsal             for power-plays                    All scattered remains


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