Indeed NYC

Shane Harris started Indeed NYC to provide edgy, avant-garde streetwear to a generation of Kids who blend effortlessly the irreverant, anything-goes attitude of skate-park scalawags with the swagger and savoir-faire of self-made Street-Hop showmen.  The product of this cultural cross-polination is a line of apparel aimed at auteurs — at those who carve out their own corners of cool within the myriad mazes of mass-marketing, megamalls, and brand bullies.  Shane corresponded with City Circus for a sit-down chit-chat.  The transcript follows . . . [click to continue]


Attire to Inspire

Companies, institutions, and individuals use clothes to demonstrate unity, express style, portray images, promote artists, and build  brands — why not sport threads to spark inspiration and motivate minds? Enter Y’NEVANO, the concept-cum-clothing line dreamt up and delivered by Wali Collins, architect-turned-working-comedian and CEO. Encouraged by his success on the comedy circuit, Mr. Collins sought to energize others by sharing the positive mind-state that enabled his career change: you never know. So Mr. Collins and Y’NEVANO put together a line of wearable motivational devices that manifest the meme of enthusiasm, experimentation, and possibility.

An online, can-do community — www.ynevano.com — backs up the inspirational apparel.

Mr. Collins granted City Circus the following interview.

[click to continue]

for the score in haute-couture, please see www.z-omnimedia.com/fashion


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