City Circus zeroes in on the Zeitgeist of NYC. Founded in 2009, City Circus is the editorial arm of Z OmniMedia, a newfangled Creative Collective devoted to Art in its manifold forms. Unburdened by the weight of outdated modes, born of and borne by the CyberCentric Era, Z OmniMedia is positioned at the current conflux of creative computing and old-soul revival.

Please feel free to submit work for consideration of publication.

– The Z-Team


michaelrios@city-circus.com, Photography

jaybotheenigman@city-circus.com, Contributor

z@city-circus.com, Editor

btw DN, “The Z-Team” and all variations thereof (including, and not limited to “The Z Team” “the z team” The Z Team the z team the z-team, etc…) is © 2007 to Z OmniMedia. and yes, we have revenue. and expenses. 1. 2. 3. 4. thank you for knocking on our door. do you want more???!!!!?!!?!!?

Proposal: That Artists and Entrepreneurs Unionize to Engage our Collective Power to Reverse the Predatory, Exploitative, Negligent, Tight-Fisted Venues, Promoters, and Industry to Collectively Bargain and Broken for a Stake in Revenues, Profits, or at the least a few dollars more. Cents and fractions of cents welcome as well. Please send inquiries to z@z-omnimedia.com. We need to name our organization and set out some basic guidelines for it’s procedures. Until then, our organization is called WireTap, © 2011 to Z OmniMedia. EveryThing is Negotiable.


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