US, We Hu$tle

In Art, Fashion, Film, Music on December 14, 2013 at 9:33 am


Yo this movie is dope.

Director David O. Russell suspends us in a state of operatic delirium in this madcap tragidramedy with fuego performances by its cast of craftspeople. Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence are on fire for the duration of the film. Bale is scary great; it’s a good thing he finds work in Hollywood or he could terrorize society in any way he saw fit, I think. He becomes his characters in ways that may be scary even to him, or especially to him.

Jennifer Lawrence nears that territory alongside Christian the Great. This role, and her turn in A Winter’s Bone, demonstrate absurd levels of precociousity (pfd. over ‘precociousness’). She plays here as a precious mess, an irresistible  mishmash of trash and charm — a sleaze genius, sultry and sly.

Jerremy Renner occupies similar territory as an actor who becomes other people, though his role here is more subdued and restrained than either Lawrence’s or Bale’s.

The shit is fire, start to finish.


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