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Combining spray paint, silkscreen, photography, and collage, The Raw Art creates pieces that convey the mashed-up juxtapositions of contemporary city life. Born in Buenos Aires and now based in Brooklyn, New York, The Raw Art communicates his urban experiences through a variety of eye-catching, attention-grabbing artwork. The website is www.therawart.com, where you can look at pieces, read a bit more, and even shop for artwork. The Raw Art answered a few questions with City Circus recently.

The interview follows.


CC What is your background in art? Formal training, practice, history…

There was no formal training  Once you get to know the tools (self tought or in school) is a matter of practice, non stop.
CC How did you get into Graf and street art?


I guess that I absorbed the graf street art by Living in big cities such as ny and buenos aires. There is a sticker inevery pole a tag in every door and a piece every two walls, its hard not to see it, and i am  amazed by every single detail.
CC Where are you from? Whereabouts do you stay now  In what ways are certain pieces dialogues between where you’ve been and where you’re at now?
I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. And that fact influences all the pieces, from the letters (BSAS) to the themes. Many details of thhe mix media pieces have buildings and scenes from Argentina such as the congress, the projects or random buildings. The tags vary from BAIRES to bs, bsas, ba, bsss, bnsais which all stand for the name of the city I was born.
CC How do you deal with creative blocks?
Brooklyn is a good place to go out for a walk when your ideas are blocked.
CC Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. We really like you art and wish you the best of luck moving forward.

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